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Intruder Alarm
Intrusion and Fire Control Panels  
If you really want to do everything you can, to safeguard your home or business- The network security system is the smartest move you can make. The system consists of the basic essentials of an alarm configuration- Yet flexible enough to meet the typical requirement of any site.


Medical Emergency & Accident > 3 Different Panic Buttons For Medical, Fire & Help. In case of medical emergency/ fire or intrusion, you simply press the panic button on the remote keypad which in turn informs the crises immediately to the CMS.

Intelligent and Reliable Detectors

6000 /PI 6000 Motion Sensor
35' * 35' PIR, advanced 4d ASIC technology to analyze the size ,speed,shape and adaptive alarm threshold. Pet immunity up to 30 lbs. UL/ULC /Form A listed.


Ev 75/PI 75 Passive Infrared Detector
10 meter range,Miror optics with 5 curtains,Sealed optical department ,"4D" ASIC processing. Horizontal adjustment , Small with good aesthetics. Pet immunities up to 20 kgs. IP 301 and CE approved.


Acoustic glass break sensor for up to 25 ft. Radial distance.


Magnetic Contact
Surface Mount Contact for doors and windows with 1/2" gap.


1075/1065 W
Recessed press fit type Magnetic Contact up to 1/2" /2" wide gap. UI/ULC listed.


Heavy Duty Magnetic Contact for shutters up to 3" gap. UI / ULC listed.


Indoor and Outdoor effective hooters up to 130 Db are available for creating an alarm.




Integrated Building Management Solutions,Turnkey Solutions, DVR Systems
Integrated Building Management Solutions,Turnkey Solutions, DVR Systems